“With her unmistakable voice and virtuosity on her guitar she enchanted the church hall in an authentic way.”
Carla K., Chairwoman of the St. Hedwig Parish Council

« Mira totally transports you into her world and her voice gives you goosebumps. Moving. »
Sascha P., auditor

« It’s like Mira’s voice came from the heart. »

« Music inhabits her and you can feel it. »

When Mira reaches for her guitar and starts to sing, she takes her audience in another world : doors open and spaces rise up, people get immersed into her soundscape. One listener tried to describe it and said Mira would take you on a « musical journey ». And this journey will lead you to the US, England, Germany and to France, the home her heart beats for, through space and time and genres.

Mira is inspired by the work of so many different artists, such as Eva Cassidy, ZAZ, Jacques Brel, Nina Simone and remarkable Jazz singers like Abbey Lincoln.

The uniqueness and strength of Mira’s voice touches the core and let her draw a bow between pop music, french chanson, blues and jazz in a very authentic and emotional way.
The songs she chooses to interpret and her original songs, beyond mainstream, reveal a lot about the singer. She finds the essence of the songs and share it with her audience.

Sometimes as light as a butterfly, sometimes powerful, sometimes delicate but also with a long lasting impact, a Mira Cardui concert is a musical pleasure that invites the audience to dream.

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